History - About AFGS

The AFGS (Asian Forum on Graphic Science) is an international conference on graphics participated mainly by Asian countries. It is held in odd-numbered years every two years in contrast to the ICGG (International Conference on Geometry and Graphics) which is held in even-numbered years.
AFGS evolved from its predecessor Japan−China Joint Conference on Graphics Education, which was held eight times between 1993 and 2007. The Japan−China Joint Conference on Graphics Education was an international conference held jointly by the Japan Society for Graphic Science and China Graphics Society focusing on graphics topics.
After the 8th Japan−China Joint Conference on Graphics Education, the conference name was changed to AFGS, and its scope was expanded to include topics other than graphics education, and participating countries mainly from Asia other than Japan and China. The 9th AFGS, which was the first conference held after changing its name, was held in Dalian, China in 2013 (hosted by China Graphics Society), and the most recent 10th AFGS was held in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi.

Year and venue of conferences held o date:

1st conference  1993Wuxi China
2nd conference  1995Chengdu China
3rd conference  1997Kunming China
4th conference  1999Dunhuang China
5th conference  2001Osaka Japan
6th conference  2003Web conference
7th conference  2005Xian China
8th conference  2007Suzhou China
9th conference  2013Dalian China
10th conference  2015Bangkok Thailand